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Social & Event Photography

Capturing the Most Memorable Moments of Your High-End Event.

Photography Services for
Special Events

From concerts to galas, from sports to fashion, at Spasso Entertainment, we cover it all.

With well over a decade of experience photographing high-end events in the Edmonton area and beyond, our team of photographers combines a friendly attitude with unmatched professionalism and a genuine commitment to delivering impeccable services.

Get in touch with us today, and we will be happy to talk with you about your project and provide you with a bespoke estimate.

Local Presence, Global Reach
We are an Edmonton-based photography agency but have also been working with countless clients in over ten different countries.
Culture, Sports, and More
Our expertise is truly far-reaching: we shoot everything from charity fundraisers to cultural events all the way to high-level sporting events, including WHL and low light action.
Local Presence, Global Reach
We post our high-quality, stunning photos to our online gallery and deliver them to you in a zipped folder. All our photos come watermarked and with a hashtag and our logo, which you can then remove for a small fee.



Our Process

We are excited that you are giving us the opportunity to capture the best moments of your special events.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Contact Our Team

First, get in touch with us to schedule the first meeting with our photography team and discuss your project.

Step 2: Receive and Approve Your Quote

Once we know all the details about your event, our team will put together a custom quote for you. When you approve it, we will attend your event, ready to capture it through gorgeous shots.

Step 3: Get Your Stunning Photos

The best part: your fabulous event is now forever captured in our photos, which we send to you via email for you to use in any way you like.

Why Spasso

Did you know that the word "spasso" is Italian for "fun"? And that's exactly what our team aims to offer you: a professional yet friendly way to capture all the best, most fun moments of your super-special event through a series of amazing photographs.

Our vision is to provide every one of our clients with a fully customized photography service that truly highlights the quintessence of their brand and event.

Connect with us to discover more about how we can make your event shine through incredible photos.

Our Prices